I suspect people might be interested into this fro...
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I suspect people might be interested into this from CNCF https://tag-app-delivery.cncf.io/whitepapers/platforms/
Great paper, especially the tricky part - success measures. Building a financial-numbers business cases & costs calculation factors would also be nice :)
That's a great idea @Krzysztof H., do you have any suggestions on how to produce that? As a WG co-lead I'd love to find ways to support useful initiatives!
You can calculate the Application Setup time, Developer/Vendor Onboarding Time, review DevOps tools and calculate cost of too many instances. You can also do the same with time to market for business applications, number of technology-related tasks in business applications backlog. I build my case depending on overall strategy (building / buying software) and approach to IT (cost / investmsnt)
We can discuss it during next meeting of wg-platforms
Nice, you already did it! Might be a good blog post for the website? 🤔
Why not :)
It’s actually my job to help convincing C-lvl people into Platform Engineering & design platform fitting the organization later on (so my promise on the numbers is fulfilled). Article would be a nice summary for that :)