Hello Team :wave: Happy new year ! For those who...
# platform-blueprints
Hello Team 👋 Happy new year ! For those who have gone and implemented / or looking to implement an IDP ( portal or platform ) - can l ask what were the technical challenges being faced that led to that decision ?
Tracking and reporting on which version of platform libraries, and certain other major libraries each service is on. Tracking and reporting on adoption of various platform features. All that in a way that communicates back to the service owner when they have upgrade work to do
And a way to provide feedback in a softer way than failing the build or blocking a deploy
hey @John Burns - thanks for coming back to me
seems like you had an advanced use / value case.. would love to chat offline with you
lm thinking of standing up a content-series pilot - called behind the scenes of platform-engineering Think real world devops folk doing real world devops work, and demistifying what happens behind the scenes
let me know if your interested