anyone take the finops certifications? <https://le...
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anyone take the finops certifications? tangentially related to platform engineering, depending on your org structure. I could use some feedback / thoughts / opinions! thinking of getting a small group internally to walk through it like all certs, I am skeptical of the value
I am part of F2 and spent quite some time contributing to FinOps community. Being cost aware is super skill for platform people, especially if you rely heavily on public cloud. Do you need certs? Not sure, to be honest.
i already spoke to dylan about it but sharing with the broader community for everyone else’s benefit. i think it’s a lot more valuable for finance folks in your organization to take the certifications so it can upskill their perspective on how to approach and manage public cloud spend
same with software team leads / director who may or may not have direct education / prior experience / knowledge on the topic
think raising the bar in terms of education and awareness across the board