:loudspeaker: Hey Backstage fans! There's a new pl...
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📢 Hey Backstage fans! There's a new plugin in town. "Backchat GenAI" (created by yours truly) is now listed in the official Plugins directory. Add it to your OSS backstage portal and you can surface private or open source GenAI GUIs (like Ollama and Text Gen Web UI) in your Backstage portal. Choose from hundreds of LLMs. Run inferencing wherever you like - local or remote, CPU or GPU - it's up to you! https://backstage.io/plugins/
Hey @Ben Wilcock, new community rules are that only 20% of content shared by a person can be links. The rest needs to be actual engagement. Since this is your first post, i won’t delete it - but make sure to engage with the community, if you want to share any more links in the future.
That's a good rule. Thanks. What some other orgs do is have a channel dedicated to announcements so that folks can stay informed if they want to but without ruining general channels. Perhaps consider that approach?