:wave: Hey folks. after a few days away I'm busyin...
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👋 Hey folks. after a few days away I'm busying try to get my Mac based dotfiles to run in WSL ugh I posted this to the Discord, but I picked up this book last year to help me update my resume with 10 years of W. I highly recommend it and it seems it could be possible to get free copies for those laid off: https://thetechresume.com/complimentary-copy If not, I found the $20 worth it over cobbling together internet articles, vetting them, ignoring tons of ads, etc.
very nice and thanks for sharing, paul!
is there an actual resume that we can see as the final output / product?
just trying to get a feel for it before folks dive right in
I thought he had something around... He does have some detailed table of contents: https://thetechresume.com/table-of-contents
I found it a good collection of learnings I had picked up while on the inside of hiring as well. The tldr is that resumes are to get your foot in the door, not document your life's work. Focus on the outcomes (same as perf reviews). I don't remember anything being too eye opening with my own years of experience but it's all literally in one artifact
that's basically it
the intent is to trigger the other party to want to have a conversation with you around how you did those accomplishments