Full-Stack Software Engineer to a startup :rocket...
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Full-Stack Software Engineer to a startup 🚀 Join the Manufacturing Revolution 🏭 We are a dynamic team of three people from MIT. Two experienced postdoctoral researchers with Mechanical and Industrial Engineering background. One visionary professor with a track record of successful startups. We seek an innovative full-stack software engineer with a back-end base and 8+ years of experience to play a key role in architecting a new standard of industrial software. Data modalities vary, including text, image, and various engineering models (CAD/CAE/CAM, discrete-event simulations, etc.). Location: in-person/hybrid in Boston, MA (aka epicenter of manufacturing innovation). Provision: competitive salary and substantial equity to make you a stakeholder in success you help create. Interested in this opportunity? --> Reach out in dm. ^^ rare chance; share with a friend who might be relevant