Interested in what processes you all have encounte...
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Interested in what processes you all have encountered to stay on top of dependencies in a large organization.
which types, for systems loosely couple, use forcing functions to validate (DiRTs, failovers etc)
have strong invariants that you can test on a regular basis
From an SOA perspective (this service calls this service) a developer portal like Backstage can be part of the solution, but depends on active maintenance of the dependencies. I haven't seen this done well in any size of organization 😂. Following for interest!
So the Bazel dependency graph is another way. It will be correct and if you enforce a few standards around rpc system it will be 100% correct. For example if you use grpc + proto as your interface you have your graph. We are tackling this on the prod side at in deploy as well in a similar way. I think the IDP solution is kinda BS. It doesn’t create real back pressure to have the correct graph.
Yeah, anything that uses code or standards to deterministically create the graph is 💯 better than the "depend on humans to annotate stuff"
For a platform with not-well-implemented tracing we were asked to migrate to AWS --> we simply used config-maps + plantUML 🙂 but it was a one-time job, only for a migration planning. But it's a very specific scenario. In my opinion, Platform Team should closely work with Enterprise Architecture