Hey peeps, I just got off a call with <Personio>. ...
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Hey peeps, I just got off a call with Personio. They are an EU company in series E, $8B valuation. They plan to IPO. They are 'remote first' but have offices in many major EU cities. Product is a full set of HR tools for small/mid companies, in Europe only (they said they have 1% of that market right now so room to grow). They've recently expanded into NYC specifically to grab US talent, because they are finding that most their EU candidates are more junior. Paybands are posted and seem pretty reasonable. If you find anything on here interesting, let me know and I'll get you directly in touch with their recruiter so that you can bypass any automation filters. The person I spoke to said they are trying to grow, and they are really looking for people to join the 'Dev Experience Team' ie, PlatEng.