Anyone have good training materials/videos to adop...
# gitops
Anyone have good training materials/videos to adopt gitops?
Honestly, a lot of the training material around using Argo contains some really practical ways to implement GitOps in a LOT of different situations
Everything from using PRs to create approvals for deployments on various environments to dealing with secret management (which shouldn't be in code), etc.
Also, there is a lot of advice on how to layout your artifacts in a way that makes sense... none of these problems are unique to Argo, but definitely give you patterns to follow more braoadly
@Troy Knapp my understanding is that Gitops can exist without ArgoCD. My focus is concept buy in vs specific tools
@Randy Schneiderman that was the point of the last comment. There are a lot of rubs when it comes to switching to a GitOps pattern, but the point is that there are patterns that are easy to find with practical examples. You don't have to use Argo, but all the patterns of repo design and such work with other tools as well,
If your looking for some basic intro training to the subject, the Linux Foundation has a free course
m Is a good starting point