So, what do people here use to simplify configurat...
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So, what do people here use to simplify configuration for developers? I want to introduce Argo to our company, but I’d like to be able to have the smallest amount of required lines of yaml code possible, with centralized defaults by us (platform), and rather let teams fine-tune if they need it. We’re also going to implement this with self-service through some idp later on.
take a look at what we have built at - it’s built on the concepts that netflix introduced with
Sounds like you're looking for an IDP framework that is GitOps based using Argo. Checkout KAOPS by I'd be glad to meet one-on-one with you and help in any way I can. Also I'll be publishing a link to my whitepaper on this soon, so keep an eye out for that.
Kustomize can be a good tool for cleanly managing yaml files with minimal patches. I.E. pull down upstream manifests, patch them with platform team defaults, patch them at environment level, patch them again at service level.
argos great we used it in our last company, (shameless plug..) might want to check out, teams can add an argo link to their service and then anyone can query
/whoowns service
and get a service overview incl. the on-caller, team channel, a link (runbook, argo as you said ect), working hrs of the team etc. Should help with findability as non-devs dont always have access to idps.
It might be too late. But sharing anyway, in case it helps somebody else. 1. You could create a generic Helm Template that meets all your business application requirements - config maps, secrets, volume, ingress, service, etc. You can build this generic template that meets 95+ % of your organization's needs. Take a call on whether you want to define templates to meet edge cases or allow those team to manage their own templates. 2. Developers can configure the Helm Values based on their business or application requirements. 3. Create CI/CD to merge the Helm Values with the Template and push the final Helm Package to any OCI-compliant Helm/Package Registry (like GHCR) 4. You could set up Flux for your K8S Cluster. 5. Set up Helm Source pointing to those registries. 6. Leave the rest to Flux to handle updates. 7. Use Weaveworks Flux GitOps to allow developers for Self-Service capabilities.