Is there an upto date roadmap available on how to ...
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Is there an upto date roadmap available on how to become a platform engineer? is this accurate enough? I am actually working on creating a detailed roadmap and I'm looking for some references to help me develop my own. 🙂 have a nice day community!!
Add there analytical skills and techniques :) we focus too much on tech part of Platform Engineering, but IDP, just like any other IT project - should start with functional & systems analysis (cognitive load recognition). —>
Missing this analysis part & recognition of the cognitive load is a simple way to over-engineer the Platform and kill the IDP because of lack of real value (nice tool instead of value creator)
One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past :) —> But in general, very detailed list! Definitely helpful for Team building and self-growing
Looks cool @Nimesha Jinarajadasa, we are actually building an official platform engineering community version of something similar. @Krzysztof H. is right that the key thing missed here is the strong emphasis on the “theoretical” part. Platform engineering is much more than a technical shift, it’s a shift in mentality and ways of working as well.
Yup, people and communication are a big part of the success regardless of the method.
Thanks a lot.. @Luca Galante After conducting thorough research, We have developed a Platform Engineering Guide at KodeKloud. Have a look and let me know what do you think about it[…]n/Platform%20Engineering/Platform%20Engineering%20Roadmap.pdf Github Download link:
Just a few thoughts, after skimming - will need to find time for a thorough read • PDF as delivery format is not contribution friendly • You might want to rethink the order of things in your roadmap ◦ Softskills last? ◦ Programming as second step, before you learned how to actually have the things you want to automate? • You might want to refresh your tech diagram on page three with the options from here - e.g. marketing likes that you push Humanitec as the only orchestrator, but there is choice out there 🙂
Thanks Your feedback is helpful!
I like this, does a good job of laying out what I think a Platform team should do without being too prescriptive. I would point out that Kubernetes is not the only container orchestration tool out there. Too often there is an assumption that Platform == Kubernetes.