Hey folks, my org has recently adopted platform en...
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Hey folks, my org has recently adopted platform engineering as a essential development tier. We’re working on building out the team, requirements, etc. Understanding this will look different depending on the org, but I am curious how other platform leaders develop their shared vision, goal, purpose, you name it. Any thoughts or advice?
you start with a 2 pager that outlines the vision
add an extra page that showcases your upcoming roadmap for the next 3-6 months. this is all generated by supporting user stories in your environment
add up to 7 pages of FAQ style content
shop it around to both your team, partners, stakeholders, senior level execs, users of the platform
When it comes to outlining that vision, I would also start by getting a sense of what the strategic priorities of your leadership team are, what your goals and key objectives are, and what would best serve your organisation. As these things can be very different from org to org. It’s also important to understand that platform engineering isn’t just a technical journey
Yep, the vision needs to be driven by user stories in the environment and be aligned with top level organizational priorities for it to work
You are in the role of stitching all of these items together. Basically, you are defining the internal TAM and product-market-fit for the platform
Good point on it being very much a cultural journey first and foremost. The tech actually takes more of a backseat in this situation when compared between the two