Hi everyone, I'm excited to share a couple of rece...
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Hi everyone, I'm excited to share a couple of recent articles I wrote about Docker and Geodesic. I'm eager to improve my writing and ensure these articles are truly helpful for others. Would you be willing to take a few minutes to read and provide feedback? I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on: • Clarity and accuracy of the information • Usefulness and applicability of the content • Engagement and overall structure of the writing • https://medium.com/@venkatsunilm/infrastructure-automation-with-geodesic-your-devops-toolbox-made-easy-486ba9784596https://medium.com/@venkatsunilm/a-beginners-introduction-to-docker-6faa40afddb9
Hey @Minchala venkat please note that the new community rules are that only 20% of content shared by a person can be links. The rest needs to be actual engagement in the community. Since this is your first post i’ll leave it up, but make sure you aren’t just sharing links