Wondering how/where finops fits in this <reference...
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Wondering how/where finops fits in this reference architecture. We definitely have a team working on this within our IDP. They do a number of things to help control costs and they also help visualize costs into our IDP.
I’ve kind of viewed it as part of the analytics layer
Or observability
Thanks @Daniel Hoban I'm trying to get my organization to align to an industry standard. I agree that Monitoring and Logging Plane feels like the right plane, However, it's definitely quite different than all the tools listed in the reference model. I wonder how we would get the "industry" reference architecture to reflect FinOps within the Monitoring and Logging Plane.
Hi @Brian Jones, I feel FinOps will sit on top of the 4 planes mentioned in the architecture diagram. 1. Resource plane 2. Integration & Delivery Plane 3. Monitoring & Loggin 4. Security All these planes in itself require FinOps strategy to reduce the overall cost.
That's definitely a good way to look at it. But I could say the same thing for needing strategy for "Security" and "Monitoring and Logging" across the Resource, Developer Control Plane and the Integration & Delivery Plane. I wonder what the criteria is for creating a new plane vs. being something that's done across different planes. The reason I think FinOps as its own plane is because there is tooling and a team developing a common set of services that other planes/teams can plug into.