question here for yall who use Spotify Backstage a...
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question here for yall who use Spotify Backstage as your IDP: how do you hydrate your Service Catalog?
as in, how do you populate your service catalog. we have hundreds of projects and services, it would be impossible to manually add all those .yml files
we were thinking some CI job that reads the projects terraform files and tries to come up with some relations that way
that’s one way to do it
i would supplement with metadata creation / deletion when a given microservice gets created via some cookie-cutter / templating mechanism
@Brandon Vicinus have you considered using GitHub Discovery (assuming you are using GitHub)? You can craft Backstage provider configs that allow for auto discovery across orgs, repos, and even globbed file paths within those repos.
We're utilizing github actions and using attributes from the repo.
We did GitHub discovery with a self-service campaign to get teams to do an initial catalog build. Helped build some excitement for the catalog as relations started to build between components.
Impossible is only a state of mind. Plenty of options to create one time automation if you have that info and push changes, create PRs, etc. as others already highlighted, there are also other options. We use a metadata file in the repo that comes with your repo being created initially