Hi Guys, I want to introduce the "The CTO Club Po...
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Hi Guys, I want to introduce the "The CTO Club Podcast" Where I will delve deep into the world of technology leadership with some of the brightest minds in the industry. I will be sitting down with a diverse array of Chief Technology Officers to explore real-world challenges, innovations, insights and trends shaping the tech landscape. From navigating the complexities of cloud native computing or harnessing the power of artificial intelligence In the first episode, I speak with CNCF CTO's Itiel Shwartz from Komodor, Giulio Roggero from Mia Platform and Anders Johnsen from Rig.dev about how to maximize the ROI on Platform Engineering initiatives. I hope it is of interest and always keen to hear any thoughts, feedback or questions!


Hey @Sam Baker, only 20% of content by someone can be links. The rest needs to be actual engagement in the community. Since this is your first post, I won’t delete it but just keep it in mind.