Hey engineers! We're seeking Beta testers for our ...
# kubernetes
Hey engineers! We're seeking Beta testers for our latest offering: a fully managed Kubernetes service within the emma cloud management platform. This service enables you to seamlessly deploy Kubernetes across various cloud providers, giving you the flexibility to run nodes on different platforms and span single cluster across multiple ones. Interested in being one of the first to try it out and provide feedback? Reach out to our CPO @Matthias Lübken to talk or catch up with him at Kubecon later this month!
Hey Dirk! What’s in it for a platform engineering enthusiast that is probably willing to testdrive but not on your platform in his dayjob? Your starter offering is probably too expensive for most hobbyists in here with 99€ a month. Are you throwing in a “free tier” for the beta testers, so that I can run my minecraft server confidently for longer than 14 days? 🙂
Hey Jay Thanks for considering emma. I'm sure we can find a solution for "active" beta users after 14 days.