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Great discussion today with @Nočnica Mellifera @Dan Slinky @Jason Morin @Tommy Allieri! Export of board:
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# Platform Coffee - 2024-03-13

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## Topics (1 Notes)

- What are your OTel best practices, from implementation, to monitoring and alerting? 

## Done (6 Notes)

- How do you orchestrate Infrastructure and Application deployments? 
- How do you make sure there's really 'buy in' from the whole team to new platform initiatives? 
- How do you decide what features to add to your platform? 
    - What keeps you up at night? Bad industry trends, antipatterns, etc. 
- Any favorite diagram tools?  Currently using Lucidchart and adding diagrams to Confluence.  Even better if it's a free applicaiton. 
- We're in the process of coming up with surveys to send out to development.  What are some favorite questions to ask?
We plan to ask what teams are working on for sure, as well as what custom tooling they might be using.  I'm interested in any other good questions from a newly formed Platform team. 

## Links/Info (6 Notes)

- Creating change:

- Shell stuff

AI terminal shell 

Shell history manager with LLM syntax assistance
- Local LLM tools:

- Miro, better than Lucid and friends.

<|> free alternative, works with SVG as native format. 
- Diagrams in docs, <> - but I'm not sure if it support Confluence. It's great for using with mkdocs - see <> and /resumes for some lightweight diagram examples.  
- Developer Experience Survey Template: <> 

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- Topic: Orchestrating infra and app deployments
    - The process of fixing permissions on containers is disjointed. Consider using tools like pulumi to combine code and config.

- Topic: How do you get buy-in
    - Build consensus by getting the team to see the value and use of a feature. Work do delight them. Draw them out with beer and cookies.

- Topic: How do you decide what features
    - Instead of surveys, talk to people and sit next to them to understand their needs and preferences.

- Topic: What keeps you up
    - Challenges include getting the business off the ground, expiring certificates, feeling like an imposter, and working in roles that are always on.

- Topic: Diagramming
    - Alternatives to Lucidchart like Miro, and Mermaid for diagramming and visualizing ideas. Mermaid works in markdown