I have an unpublished job opening, which will go l...
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I have an unpublished job opening, which will go live in a few weeks. Fully remote US Based. If you want the inside track and you meet the requirements, feel free to reach out The Cloud Architect role will be responsible for enhancing our cloud strategy, setting up a robust CCOE (Cloud Center of Excellence) focused on DevOps best practices for cloud solutions, driving to the right set of services in our Cloud Catalog, building patterns for each consumption by our development teams, designing solutions that accelerate our customers' cloud migration journey, and ensuring that we are leveraging all the benefits of an on-demand cloud environment while keeping our costs low, and resiliency high. Key Responsibilities: Evolve our cloud strategy to allow for ease of use of cloud services by application teams globally. This includes a more rigorous CCOE to help drive innovation in our cloud platform while setting DevOps standards and governance. Develop and maintain a cloud catalog for all standard cloud services that are offered to dev teams, along with unit costs to help estimate start-up costs as well as run-rates Develop and maintain a set of services and capabilities to enhance and ease customer migration to the cloud. Help design foundational structures and patterns for successfully building and executing services on a global multi-cloud, multi-tenant, platform. Drive an automation mindset to all cloud services that are offered and ensure that consumption of services is devoid of manual engagements or requests. Be an advocate and enabler for key automation technologies such as CrossPlane, Pulumi, or other IaC Platforms. Work with a cross-functional group of partners from Development, QA, Infrastructure, Security, CIO teams and business teams to drive modernization of our applications and services, by leveraging cloud practices as a catalyst Be an advocate and enabler for self service and drive the expansion of our Port based Internal Developer Platform Essential Business Experience and Technical Skills: Required: 10+ years of experience in cloud and infrastructure engineering in large dynamic environments 5+ years of Experience with cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, and others. Hands-on experience with foundational cloud services including modern compute services (Kubernetes, serverless, functions), cloud databases, IaC, cloud storage, and security functions for a security-focused solution. Working knowledge of resiliency and disaster recovery patterns (HA, active-active, etc). Ability to build, deliver, and operate complex cloud-native systems. Proven Agile, Lean, DevSecOps/DevOps knowledge and experience. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with focused attention to details. Excellent professionalism and time/task management skills with ability to establish strong relationships. Strong analytical skills with demonstrated ability to apply analysis to actionable insights. Proven cross-functional leadership skills to motivate and inspire the team. Ability and desire to not just think outside the box, but find a new box when necessary. Preferred: Background working in software and SaaS Services offerings Background and experience building and managing large global services platform Hands-on technology driver who is motivated to create innovative solutions to unique problems.