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Always shows the bubble I am in when I see events on “what is platform engineering” or “does platform engineering matter” when this community has advanced so far beyond those topics to such high level, and high value stuff
hehe, you can say this about anything - I thought agile was pretty much accepted but I overheard this lovely nugget the other day:
no, we use waterfall because this is a critical project
Also overheard- “what is agile? Just two weeks waterfall” …
Definitely feeling the same sentiment @Luca Galante, half my motivation for pemonthly.com was to just filter out all the articles in my Platform Engineering feed that are just “What even is Platform Engineering?” into a newsletter for others.
Based on the PlatformCon submissions though it is definitely improving at least. I’d say like 2/3 of submissions in 2022 were “what is platform engineering?“, then maybe it was like half of them in 2023, and now there was barely any. The quality of submissions this year easily 10x’d. It’s way more detailed in terms of topics. There are a couple “what is PE” but it’s mostly really interesting and diverse range of stuff. Much more specific in regards to best practices, interesting ideas like use of LLMs, or specific tools + and a far more developed break down when it comes to cultural questions
That is still a bit of a bubble though haha - makes sense that PC will be the forefront of conversation
but it’s a positive trend at least