Hey guys! I have developing this DevOps Copilot f...
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Hey guys! I have developing this DevOps Copilot for the past couple of months and now it's in Open Beta. I would love your feedback on it 🙂 Link: https://depx.in You can get the docs here.
Cool idea. This is gonna be a potential roadblock for many adopters at the enterprise company level (if thats even a target for you)
Make sure you use permanent security credentials of an IAM user with Administrator privileges during first time setup.
@Mobs yeah we working on fine tuning the permissions for the admin who can create the user accounts in a user pool. We just assumed since you'll be running the first time setup locally and the first time setup code is open source, it won't be a problem in the beginning. We're also in the process of creating a guide using aws cli for creating the user.