Not sure if any of you seen this yet <https://www....
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Not sure if any of you seen this yet Not sure what to think about it but something is telling me this will have negative consequences. What are your thoughts?
It would be a wait and watch situation with OpenTofu and OpenBao, one of which is prominently backed by IBM itself.
Crossplane here we come 😆
IBM generally doesn’t do portfolio consolidation well. They tend to just let things hang around forever, so at least on the tech side I suspect nothingburger On the sales side, that’s a whole different discussion. I suspect they get rolled into the RH sales team, which based on earnings calls has been crushing it for IBM (shout out to all my former coworkers at both IBM and Red Hat! 😂 )
Does it not align with Red Hat? What is the argument for non-alignment ?
Also Arvind Krishna is an engineer at heart…similar as Satya Nadella
I have a feeling they will figure this out
What I want to know is how much of the re-licensing of Terraform to the BSL was due to IBM.
I doubt that will ever come out. Also, IBM may highly unlikely be behind that, otherwise why would they create a Vault fork and incubate it to LF?
The way I se it, at best IBM was aware of it and let it proceed. At worst, IBM was pulling the strings and treating this like a pre-condition of the deal.
Disclaimer: opentofu dork If you’re worried and have TF ci pipelines. Opentofu is drop-in compatible. Copy your plan step and change the container and binary name. Done. Let it run for a few prs and you’ll see how easy the swap is. We’re moving quick, staying compat w tf and launching long awaited features.
Swap is easy now. But when you are in corporate env you need to worry about other things like maintenance etc. OpenTofu I have nothing against it but it’s still too fresh and we don’t know if it will survive test of time
Eventually both projects will diverge to a degree swap won’t be easy and that makes issues
Plus all that legal bs between both