Hi there! I manage the Struct and Devex Squads (ou...
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Hi there! I manage the Struct and Devex Squads (our platform/infrastructure team) at Seeq. And we have an opening for a Platform Engineer. We are fully remote - most of us are in the US, but we have people all around the world - Australia, Africa, Romania, etc. I think you’ll love working here. Feel free to apply via the link below directly, but also ping me so I can get you on my shortlist! And feel free to message me with any questions. https://apply.workable.com/seeq/j/ECFF575355/
Do you guys hire in Canada?
@Javier Cabrera González Heya, I work there! I'm not too familiar with the hiring process, but we have some Seeqers in Canada already so I assume so!
I've worked at Seeq since 2017 and have gotten to try a lot of different things and highly recommend the company. Here is my pitch: "Why Seeq?" - We're fully remote and we have been that way since the company was founded in 2013. We've put a lot of investment into making remote working more interactive and approachable. Everyone has a virtual office that shows your status and if you are in a (Zoom) meeting. If someone has marked themselves as free then it is really easy to swing by their office and ask them a question. The time off policy is a very flexible unlimited time off policy, but that isn't code for "no vacation". The recommendation is to take about 4 weeks a year, and there is a ~$500 bonus for taking at a minimum of 5 consecutive days off every year. The current company size is something like ~250 people so it is still in that range where I think individuals can still get in there and make a real impact but have product market fit. I feel like we have a world class company culture "Why the Infrastructure Squads?" - Our SaaS platform is new and unique and there are lots of opportunities to solve interesting problems. As a B2B company, we use a SaaS model of platform level multi-tenancy to give each of our customers an isolated instance of Seeq - there isn't one deployment of Seeq but hundreds of them
I'll take them into consideration!
I can confirm everything that Cody Ray said. And can confirm we do hire in Canada
I should mention - if you apply, please ping me so I can shortlist your application. Thanks! Edit: …I already said that! facepalm
Hi @Steven Oxley I applied!
@Steven Oxley any internship role you are looking for ?
@RK Gupta We do periodically hire interns, but unfortunately we don’t have any internship openings at this time.
Hi @Steven Oxley, have applied on the link.