I have a curious question, is Platform Engineering...
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I have a curious question, is Platform Engineering a Hybrid of DevOps and ITIL Service Delivery/Management: as it matures, evolves and automates in maturation levels 4 and 5 ?
Remember ITIL/Service Delivery is about provision of services to end users (Developers)
(I don't know anything about ITIL) Platform engineering is not really DevOps imo. When you move your software engineering teams to a DevOps approach, platform engineering as a central function helps enable self service for those teams. How mature the processes the individual teams have in service delivery might vary a lot between teams.
Well Puppet and those who write the State of DevOps report (2023/2024 versions) see DevOps being subsumed as late stage maturity into Platform Engineering emergent maturation. ITIL is service delivery, and self service delivery, and Platform Engineering is a fusion of DevOps mechanical tooling and processes, along with ITIL: ITIL is about service strategy, definition, transition planning and service operations. I see Platform Engineering as a taking the DevOps user focus (the end users of the service) and layering ITIL over the DevOps processes/automations and self servicing. Well from a past Service Delivery type. And DevOps student.
Google: puppet, state of devops report ... for maturity views.