<My thoughts of the week>… “IDP” can be confusing,...
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My thoughts of the week… “IDP” can be confusing, so I suggest we stop using it. Instead, let’s use Dev Portal and Dev Platform instead of the longer Internal Developer X term. I know it’s a bit brutal, but I think doing something about this is indispensable. What are your thoughts?
Wait. We weren't talking about Identity Providers this whole time?
It’s a joke I got on LinkedIn as well 😅
Not sure DP vs DP is any better😜
I agree. We should try to find something that fits well. Maybe an open discussion to launch with the community, @Luca Galante?
A platform is where workloads live. A portal is where devs go to make that happen. Usually the portal runs on, or as part of the platform. Somewhere along the line someone conflated the P in IDP with Platform. An Internal Developer Platform takes things in the opposite direction from delivering value to users and the business because you want at least some of those workloads to be available to end users. I've been using the terminology that way for six years or so, and had never shortened Internal Developer Portal to IDP because it was so easily misunderstood.
I think it’s also that tech can be very gatekeepy so hard to distinguish acronyms don’t help
You’re absolutely right @Jennifer Riggins
At this point, I like anything that cuts down on the number of acronyms we have to know.