Hi everyone! Another week, another long blog post!...
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Hi everyone! Another week, another long blog post! ✍️ This time, I’m tackling Istio AuthorizationPolicies and RequestAuthentication, starting with the fundamentals so you can fully understand the article. I dig deep into the authentication workflow for a fake online-shop microservices application, hosted behind an Istio Ingress Gateway. We take a close look at OIDC providers and JWT, how to secure the entire application, and ultimately how Otterize helps you in that process with some magic IAM automation. Whether you’re a seasoned platform engineer or just starting your learning journey into Kubernetes and Service Mesh, I’m sure you’ll find some useful information and learn a thing or two. 😊 And if that’s not the case, don’t hesitate to share your feedback! 📣 https://otterize.com/blog/Istio-authz-and-ingress-authn
Hey @Nicolas Vermandé, only 20% of content shared by someone here in the community can be links or self promo
the rest needs to be actual engagement with the community
since it’s your first post i won’t delete
but pls keep in mind
it’s not promo
it’s a full guide on Istio
and it’s talking about opensource projects only
this blog represent 5 full days of work for the community
what you’re saying is very disrespectful for my work. You should surely check my background and the work I’ve been doing for the community and all community events. Just google my name.
I make a point in not doing any self-promotional content, I do education, not marketing. You’ll always find a link to an open source project I, or my company support one way or another. I don’t see where is self promotion here. The etiquette is to only talk about OSS. And this is what I do.
Or is this because it’s hosted on the company website?
It’s a link to a blog post that you wrote. That is a “link or self promo”. It’s far from the worst at all, but if we aren’t strict then this whole community just gets taken over by links instantly. You’ve also seemingly never interacted in this community Slack at all except to share this one link
It’s work I’ve done for the community, not for me. I’m not gonna write 15 pages directly on slack right?
where am I promoting myself? ok I wrote a blog and then?
This is my job, I produce content.
For the community
The point is people in the community don’t want to be hammered by links whenever they come here. The most value comes from discussions, which for the last year got entirely drowned out by people just sharing links and self promo. So at the beginning of this year, we did a poll and the vast majority wanted to see far less links, which is why we made the new rule
only 20% of content shared by someone can be a link
Right now 100% of what you’ve shared is a link. Other people share their blogs here too, but they all share thoughts or ask questions 80% of the time
so the links can be shared without an issue
Ok I see. In the last 100 post in this channel, there are less than 5 posts without a link. But I get it. 😎