Anyone here using NX in their CI pipelines (under ...
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Anyone here using NX in their CI pipelines (under Ubuntu) and experiencing the following error since yesterday:
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The Nx CLI could not find or load the native binary for your supported platform (linux-x64).
To address the issue where the Nx CLI cannot find or load the native binary for
, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem: ### 1. Verify Node.js Version Ensure that the Node.js version you're using is compatible with the Nx version installed. Nx typically supports current Active LTS and Maintenance LTS versions of Node.js.
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node -v
### 2. Reinstall Nx Sometimes, a simple reinstallation can fix issues with missing binaries:
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npm uninstall -g nx
npm install -g nx
Or, if you are using Nx locally in your project:
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npm uninstall @nrwl/cli
npm install @nrwl/cli
### 3. Check Nx Version Make sure you're using a stable version of Nx. If you're on a pre-release or beta, consider switching to a stable version:
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nx --version
### 4. Clear NPM/Yarn Cache Corrupted caches can cause issues with dependencies and binaries. Clear your npm or yarn cache and reinstall dependencies:
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npm cache verify  # For npm, or use 'npm cache clean' if needed
npm install

# Or for Yarn
yarn cache clean
yarn install
### 5. Install Missing Dependencies If Nx is complaining about missing native binaries, it could be due to optional dependencies failing to install. Make sure all dependencies are correctly installed, especially any that involve native modules:
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npm install --force
### 6. Use Docker (for CI environments) If you continue facing issues specifically in CI, consider using a Docker container with all dependencies and configurations set up as required. This can help isolate environment-specific issues:
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# Use an official Node base image
FROM node:14-slim

# Install Nx globally
RUN npm install -g nx

# Set up your application directory

# Copy your project files and install dependencies
COPY . /app
RUN npm install

# Continue with your CI commands
### 7. Check for Open Issues or File One Sometimes the issue might be a known bug or a recent regression. Check the [Nx GitHub repository]( for similar issues or report a new one if you don't find anything that matches your situation. Following these steps should
Thank you. Noticed there might have been a mismatch between the version used for running an NX build and the version specified in the pakcage.json. Unless some other magical out of our control thing fixed itself, it started working again after pinning the version used for the build.