Which tool/technology/service are you using for re...
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Which tool/technology/service are you using for releasing orchestration? We have Jira issues, sheets and docs. Not sure how effective it is. Maybe there are tools which can provide a better visualization on a release process.
If you want to document the release process in an easy to understand manner, a miro board would do the trick
Thanks for your input. Miro is cool for documentation.
Every tool you want will be good as long as it supports apis and webhooks. As mentioned release orchestration and release documentation are different things. The orchestration visualization is what ever your cicd tool gives you, including all decision gates, which are then implemented via webhooks. For example i use Azure DevOps with webhookss to servicenow and integration back to the tasks and user stories. And if needed the executikn log can be attached via rest api. Octpus Deploy has made their fortune from creating ui to do release management, but personally i dont think you need them to do release management. If what you use is Jira, have your devops team integrate into it so you heve full traceability from idea to release to close that feedback loop. If there is ni direct integration from your cicd system, use jira rest api. Or potentially its time to move out of jira ;)
I can only wish. Thank you for your input.