Hey all! Hope you’re well. Are there any seasoned ...
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Hey all! Hope you’re well. Are there any seasoned SRE leaders in this chat who are willing to be a mentor? I’m looking for someone who can help me dive a little deeper into the subject area and help work through an existing setup and the kinds of areas to focus to determine a good setup vs. A less good setup. Thanks!
Let's carry on a threaded conversation in public, so it provides value to a greater number of folks. When you say "an existing setup", can you elaborate on what you mean? There's a lot of depth and breadth to reliability engineering and what it can apply to.
There's a lot to cover in the reliability space, unlike many topics there isn't an absolute target for a "good setup" since different environments have different business targets. Maybe take a look at https://www.r9y.dev/ and see if you can do some mapping for your environment?