Hi all :wave: I am one of the Founders of Terrama...
# general
Hi all šŸ‘‹ I am one of the Founders of Terramate, an orchestration, collaboration and observability platform for Terraform and OpenTofu that runs in any CI/CD system (e.g., GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, BitBucket Pipelines). As a proud sponsor of PlatformCon, we're excited to host a workshop on Tuesday, 'GitOps with OpenTofu and Terramate on GitHub Actions'. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your skills and learn from industry experts. We'd love to welcome you to the workshop. Please feel free to join our slack channel #terramate-at-platformcon Also, if you are in Berlin, we'd love to invite you to the PlatformCon Afterwork BBQ on Wednesday. RSVP šŸ‘‰ https://lu.ma/ek98grit
Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter or join our Discord if you are interested in all things IaC: ā€¢ Twitter ā€¢ LinkedIn ā€¢ Discord
There was a LOT of conversation here about OpenTofu a few months ago - lots of unknowns at the time. Very cool starting to see all the workshops and PlatformCon talks that discuss itšŸ˜„ https://platformengin-b0m7058.slack.com/archives/C037ZPG0HNY/p1707818469754599
Big fan of Terramate using in prod +1y. Like breeze after Terragrunt