:tada:*Welcome to PlatformCon 2024 Day I [Monday, ...
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🎉*Welcome to PlatformCon 2024 Day I [Monday, 10th June 2024]*🎉 Mañanitas from rainy Madrid, Spain 🌧️ What a way to open this edition with my Thoughtworks colleagues!!! • @Ajay Chankramath on “Harmony in engineering platforms: A decision tree symphony for Orchestrator selection” • @Dharani Sowndharya Gopalakrishnan on “Terraform testing revolution with version 1.6” • Last but not least, my dearest colleague @Marco Pierobon and myself on “The challenges of platform teams (and how to solve them)” We would love to hear your thoughts, your experience, your feedback… Join us at #thoughtworks-at-platformcon I personally would love to hear about the _*challenges you face as a platform team and how you overcome them*_👇
Some fun facts about “The challenges of platform teams (and how to solve them)”: • It is the result of a reflection exercise @Marco Pierobon and myself typically run either twice a year or when we finish an assignment. Think of this exercise as the extended version of a retro 😉 • In this reflection, we summarised the challenges in the pillars of product management: Users, business/organisation, technology + platform teams So, what challenges did we find? • Users: DevEx, usability, simplicity… So hard to build on the top of such a myriad of technical products!!! • Business/Organisation: Does our organisation understand what is it that we do (not an dev support or operations team)? Do they see the value we deliver? • Technology: What a breadth and depth of technology • Platform teams: Did you ever get that feeling of disconnection and isolation from the rest of your organisation? You can find the presi here And again, we would love to hear your thoughts, and feedback ❤️
This is great! Thanks for sharing
ive just finished your talk @María Isabel Martín Serrano. Is it organisational challenges or technology ones that cause the most problems? Trying to understand what I need to emphasize in my model for pushing a idp programme.
Hi Vera! Thanks for watching ❤️ I would say both. 3 exercises I would run before starting an idp: 1. Users: Profile and user segmentation, their tech stack, maturity… 2. Technology: Current and future technology stack by user type 3. Organisation: Understand the context (current situation, growing/expanding/settling/reducing), roadmap and upcoming challenges (ex. global expansion, cost reduction, merge & acquisitions and therefore harmonization), market and applicable laws & regulations (ex. heavily regulated markets like medical or space), history, how agile they are, how they feel about new technologies… Hope it helps 🙂