People often say that platform engineering involve...
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People often say that platform engineering involves a significant amount of work beyond the scope of DORA metrics. What if we integrate DORA with the MONK or SPACE frameworks—does this statement still hold true? What (KPIs) should we track to understand the necessary workload? Do these frameworks assist in determining or aligning the platform team strategy effectively within the organization? Just like in incident management, if a system constantly sends alerts without specifying when, where, or which deployment caused the incident, and without providing remediation just millions of lines of logs it leads to frustration rather than resolution. I heard people saying same can be applied to tracking KPIs. If we can't understand what the framework indicates, we risk frustrating our teams by not knowing what needs immediate improvement. I will be chatting with Nicolò Cambiaso from the Mia-Platform on my podcast less than hour from now, Happy to include thoughts and questionnaires from this group, also What are some observations from this group or organizations you have worked with? How have you implemented KPIs, and what frameworks and challenges have you encountered in this process? looking to seeking insightful opinions? Thanks
There is no cookie cutter answer, it is unique for every company. there is some baselines most need - but all the work is in the company specific details.
The DORA metrics are a rare example of a really useful simple measurement system. The numbers tell you how your software delivery performance has been, and also predict proper organizational and cultural outcomes. I think a platform team would be sensible to track their own throughput and stability if they're delivering software. As for measuring the impact of the platform for its users, that's where the context is super important. That's what the "K" in MONK is all about - finding what the success metrics are from the perspective of the platform's users (and those funding it). Probably the biggest mistake in measurements for Platform Engineering is not measuring anything. You then have to convince people to adopt it, fund it, and basically let the good times continue.
Good time to discuss DORA, as we’ve actually got the DORA master @Nathen Harvey in here!