Q - how does your orchestrator (score?) match up a...
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Q - how does your orchestrator (score?) match up against radius from microsoft?
Hey David! Score works equally well in front of the orchestrator and Radius. The abstraction Score provides is not available in Radius. If you contrast the orchestrator and Radius, you will find that Radius is aiming in a similar direction but currently is not solving many of the problems that the orchestrator is solving—to name one: secret management. Comparatively, Radius is a young project, so the feature gap might close over time, but currently, it is significant for many tasks. Radius is much more opinionated about implementing technology for recipe execution. The open driver-based model that the orchestrator favors can accommodate different implementation technologies for every node in the resource graph—even supporting the constellation of the orchestrator driving and Radius being used to supply infrastructure via recipes for certain resource types. A colleague of mine has recently updated a blog on integrating Dapr with Score and the orchestrator - this is maybe an adjacent area of interest for you: https://medium.com/@mabenoit/dapr-with-score-and-humanitec-developer-experience-with-your-platform-on-steroids-a848f2de0a5a