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@Tim Hansen Great talk! > https://platformcon.com/talks/everything-is-code-embracing-gitops-at-spotify What would you advise in terms of how to implement this abstracted version yaml schema templating approach? I've thought about this approach for sometime but never found a solution I've jumped at. Is this just a "write-your-own" solution or something else I should be considering? For example your abstracted declarative yaml schema to define a app workload and it's needs for a monitoring dashboard! Love it.
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# monitoring-info.yaml
  schemaVersion: 5

  - name: "[example-app] Dashboard"
  - template: javaBackend
    type: bundle
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! 🙌 We’ve defined our own format at times, as in that example, or used k8s CRDs in some cases. I’d just lean towards whatever is familiar to your developers, but do include a version for future adaptation.
Such a great description. And the need for a custom API (CRD) is so common. You may enjoy @Derik Evangelista's talk about kratix which is a framework for delivering a gitops backed platform with custom APIs https://platformengin-b0m7058.slack.com/archives/C037UGSKMBP/p1718018592064379?thread_ts=1718018592.064379&amp;cid=C037UGSKMBP
Hey @James Daniels! You could take a look at Score - https://score.dev/ which is an OSS specification that might cover your use-case. Cheers!
+1 on score if the shared format works for you. Nice to not recreate the wheel. Kratix has a backend in the works for a score implementation for that exact use case.