(sorry for the verbosity if you’ve already seen it...
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(sorry for the verbosity if you’ve already seen it) 🎉 Happy Wednesday!!! (said no one ever) 🎉 We are halfway through PlatformCon 2024 and I feel behind the many great talks. Don’t you? Good that the weekend is just around the corner! Today for us Thoughtworks is about: @Kief Morris on Next-generation Infrastructure as Code (also, have you read his book on Infrastructure as Code? I loved it!) @Punit LAd on "Invisible" platform engineering @ Rashmi Tambe on Platform engineering impact: Mapping engineering outcomes to business value @ Sridhar Kotagiri Cracking the value puzzle with a chargeback-driven approach to platform engineering And again, last but not least, my dearest colleague @Marco Pierobon and myself this time on The platform ROI calculator: Input, formula, and results *What talk are you looking forward to today* Really curious about Kief’s and Punit’s (what does “invisible” really means in platforms?), but mines are Rashmi’s and Sridhar’s because “why should we invest in building a platform?“, “why should I use the platform?/what is in it for me as a platform user?“, and “what do I need to do to use the platform?” are the top 3 questions I get asked as a platform product manager 💬 We would love to hear your thoughts, your experience, your feedback on our talks… Join us at #thoughtworks-at-platformcon