Hello Developers, We need your platform expertise!...
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Hello Developers, We need your platform expertise! We're conducting a survey to understand current trends and challenges of container orchestration in a study for INESCTEC Porto. Your participation is anonymous and none of the results will be used for commercial purposes. The results of this study will be made public. By participating, you'll influence industry trends and help improve container orchestration tools and practices. Your insights will be shared with the tech community, and you'll get access to the survey results, revealing key trends and best practices. The survey will cover your knowledge of current practices of container orchestrations, main challenges you face in certain categories and request for practices you know but don't identify in the survey. Your participation will enrich our understanding and help drive innovation. https://rebrand.ly/o2v32zx Thank you for your contribution. Best regards, Diogo Maia
Hey @Diogo Maia, only 20% of content shared by someone can be a link. The rest needs to be engaging in discussions in the computer