Hi everyone! Here are two talks about our platform...
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Hi everyone! Here are two talks about our platform engineering practices at Ant Group and our open-soure Platform Orchestrator project, KusionStack, If you are interested in this project, feel free to join our channel #workshop-llms-with-kusionstack for more details. blob waver



Hey @Dayuan Li - would be interesting to hear more about the PAAS into IDP story? It was mentioned so briefly in the talk Fire & Ice but I think everyone here would be pretty curious about that 🤣
I assume it’s the usual story - eventually the PAAS wasn’t scalable and so it had to be an IDP? Is the PAAS still floating around in some form? 😁
Thanks for your feedback. Yes! About 3 years ago, we found the old “unified” PaaS can not meet app developers need efficiently due to the complex infrastructure and the wide array of user requirements. The platform team has become a bottleneck in organizational efficiency. We’ve changed our strategy from building a PaaS to building fundamental abilities to support other teams to build their IDPs. For specific technologies, this includes separation of concerns, reusable building blocks, and dynamic configuration management, etc. For more details, please refer to our project Kusion😄