To throw a question in the group for everyone to a...
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To throw a question in the group for everyone to answer 😉 Are you building your own kubernetes CRD and operators as part of you platform engineering journey? And if so, in which language are you implementing them?
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i’m not, but if i did, or when i do, i would only choose golang for this
Actively building in golang but would like to try Rust if I find some time for that (ever lolsob ).
I know that folks at Giant Swarm do and AFAIK they stick to golang.
I've used custom Helm charts and Terraform modules to create similar levels of abstractions, but agree CRDs backed by Go or Rust operators is the most powerful if you're incorporating a lot of custom business logic.
We are using golang behind the scenes at to build controllers for people in whatever languages they want. We run containers on key reconciliation times and those containers are written in bash, ruby, rust, etc. Whatever the users fancy! I do think the power of a controller is a big boost over helm/terraform as it provides API calls a lot easier. That being said, the abstraction from a user’s point of view is not a lot different from a values file/module. That is why I think portals are also getting a lot of play because they bring in a different interaction model than code.