And that’s officially a wrap on PlatformCon 2024:t...
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And that’s officially a wrap on PlatformCon 2024🎉💕 5 insane days of platform engineering. I am sure Luca will be sharing a LOT of wrap up and post PlatformCon content next week so tuned for that but for now: You can find <!here> 👇 Kelsey Hightower and Kaspar von Grünberg Q&A Day 1 Stream: Day 3 Stream: Day 4 Stream: Day 5 Grand Finale Stream: And next week - we will have all the recordings for the hands-on platform engineering channels live on our YouTube channel, and alongside them ALL the talks from PlatformCon LDN too!
There are many more photos, and highlights to come! Stay tuned next week 🚀
can't wait to go through these and learn!
There is still a LOT to come🙌
What were the best talks in your view? (like to organize a viewing party here at the office)