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I see it today on Linkedin. 👍
any additional insights from the report worth sharing? thinking
From my side: • I'm surprised Inner Source is in innovation trigger. That's quite old concept we've incorporating for clients years ago. • I'd move GitOps far right in this chart, unless I'm missing something. • Also, missing Data Platforms.
A lot of what seems counterintuitive here, from a progress perspective, is likely due to size and scale of the individual respondents. Bob's Bait Shop is probably well to the left, Robert's MegaBank is probably far to the right. From a point of adoption and maturity, I do find it hilarious that Service Mesh is ahead of infra automation or SRE. As usual, there are gold nuggets, but you have to go mining for them.
SRE is the same in terms of timeline? I don’t know. That seems strange, no?
@Scott Hiland Yeah, agreed. The biggest problem with any stats like this is unfortunately, it’s very subjective
For example, if you send out 500 questionnaires and the only orgs that respond are startups, the data is going to be very different compared to if startups and large orgs responded.
That is a lot of buzzwords.
@Nick Eberts Yeah, that’s our life nowadays lol
Even better when they put stuff on the left that I have been doing since 1998.