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Employer Brand Videos Speak_ helps employers build relationships with diverse engineering talent at scale. Our growing community of 30k underrepresented engineers seeks access to connections and knowledge. We’d love to invite you to participate in a new product we’re launching that lets you amplify your employer brand reach through short, informal videos that feature your team. It’s part careers site, part interactive engineering blog with 10x the impact of a job description. We’re building a library of employer-branded 1-15-minute videos that educate our community. Below are the possible video categories as well as guidelines and a script outline. We can work with you to generate ideas, help with production, or support you in any way required. Categories Tech talk: engineers at your company might share the tech stack they use daily, a project they are working on, or talk about a cool new open-source library they’re using. Interview: tell candidates what to expect in your tech interviews. Help them avoid common pitfalls and how to stand out as an engineer. Culture: give engineers a taste of what it’s like to work at your company Please reply if you are interested in learning more abou this pilot