# general

Karolina Junčytė

08/03/2022, 11:30 AM
Engineers: Is GitOps holding you back more than it pushes you forward? @Greg DeArment from Palantir will talk about their experience and will explain how Palantir’s Apollo rethought its approach to GitOps in order to enable Palantir at scale. Join this meetup here 👈. After a 30 minutes talk, there will be 15 minutes for Q&A. Don’t miss out!

Daniel Serodio

08/16/2022, 10:07 PM
I suppose this meetup has probably already happened, but I clicked because I got curious about other Platform Engineering meetups. However, the link redirects me to my homepage in Is there a link for Platform Engineering meetups? Thanks!
Nevermind, found it (don't know why it wasn't working yesterday 🤷🏼): Platform Engineers (ATX) Online Meetup (Austin, TX) | Meetup