I did a talk on Platform Engineering: Raise the Le...
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I did a talk on Platform Engineering: Raise the Level of Abstraction using Kubernetes Operators at Voxxed Days Brussels 2024. It was published on youtube last week and is a more extended version of the PlatformCon talk I did and includes an extensive demo of the approach. Let me know what you think. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/tomdw_platform-engineering-raise-the-level-of-activity[…]233970745345-ojlh
Just started watching, and it is already great! Really succinct and straight to the point definition of what are platform teams goal
Adding this to go to reference list, here I was thinking how 🇧🇪 is a bit behind in all of this. Like Eyal said, 6 minutes in you've hit the nail on the head on every slide.
Done watching, great content, thanks!!!
I think your usage/definition of 'platform orchestrator' is interesting. We see products like Humanitec, Kratix, etc. evolve specifically to act as a platform orchestrator and position themselves as such. I agree that the Kube API can act as an orchestrator but it might still be pretty low-level in terms of platform interface. Did you evaluate those other products/frameworks? Just choices that can be made I guess. Good presentation!
@Ivo trying to give a nuanced answer because ‘it depends’ 😉 frameworks like Kratix and Crossplane for example are also building on that Kube CRD API capabilities and can complement and be integrated in the approach I presented. Humanitec orchestrator is more a rule engine and together with score.dev specs specifically targetted at application workloads, thus less flexible to also create other abstractions like data products. Additionally, the k8s operator pattern we use is a continuously self-healing pattern meaning that when something in the environment breaks/disappears, then the reconciliation will restore this, humanitec orchestrator does not detect this and needs an explicit trigger/deploy to reconcile again if I am not mistaken. Could complement each other by letting humanitec orchestrator reconcile the CRD resources with your own operators reconciling each resource, which can also be done by crossplane and others for example. In short, for as far as I see it was not such a good fit for our use cases.