Anyone used one of the Terraform IAC consultancies...
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Anyone used one of the Terraform IAC consultancies/frameworks like Gruntworks/Cloud Posse/ BoltOps? Also looking for feedback on Terraform solutions for large eng orgs. 100+ eng. Terragrunt vs Terraspace? I think what we lack is a scalable standard to make IAC simpler to replicate and maintain
I haven't, but I'm also interested in this subject
I have signed up for this webinar on Aug 30, but since it's from the CEO at Mineiros (creators of Terramate), I'm sure it will be biased towards Terramate
consider env0, they seems like a fine solution (havent tried it myself yet)
At my previous company, we've evaluated env0, Terraform Cloud and Spacelift and went with Spacelift, but unfortunately we had to cancel our contract before we could implement because of priorities changing and needing to cut any non-essential costs 😞