Hello lovely humans! I wrote this recap article fr...
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Hello lovely humans! I wrote this recap article from the New Stack based on my favorite talks from PlatformCon. Here are some of the main trends I learned from all of you: • For a lot of engineering teams, true DevOps --> too much cognitive load on developers. 🧠 Platform teams can alleviate this by building golden paths, which suggest tools and frameworks to use for day-to-day tasks, but maintain developers’ freedom to deviate from the path where needed. • Platform as a product ftw. 💪🏽 Platforms that lack user buy-in, aren’t designed to address the needs of its users and don’t evolve their capabilities over time are likely to fail. 📉 • When it comes to finding the right level of abstraction, we see two main directions that are different but not mutually exclusive. ↔️ On one hand, there are more code-based, declarative approaches inspired by GitOps workflows. On the other hand, there are UI-based solutions. Big thanks to everyone who shared their platform stories + expertise. 🙂 Super excited to see what y’all come up with for PlatformCon 2023! https://thenewstack.io/what-we-learned-at-platformcon/