Hi everyone, I am a Product Manager within Platfor...
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Hi everyone, I am a Product Manager within Platform Engineering. I am currently in the process of relaunching our IDP and I am writing my product kickoff document and my 3 year planning strategy, I need to do a small exercise to quantify the ROI on implementing IDP for 2000 engineers. I am using Backstage already and I was wondering whether somebody has anecdocts, success stories or tried to to this exercise in the past to demonstrate the value of it and what features you started to implement first and how you measured success. Looking forward to hearing back from you!
If you have a chance - make a Value Stream Mapping for SDLC of your teams (select few areas to look for improvements). You can also detect devops practices and technologies your customers (developers & ops teams are your customers) are using - and find bottlenecks there. You may like my article about approach - the planning phase: https://khalasa.com/2024/01/how-to-approach-internal-developer-platform-delivery/ There is also an example of KPIs to build a business-case.