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Antithesis | Senior Software Engineers | DC / Northern Virginia | ONSITE | FULL-TIME Antithesis is using deterministic simulation, fuzzing, and ML to improve software testing. The founders and VP Eng are FoundationDB veterans. For an idea of what we're doing, see Will's talk here:

or read the Simulation Testing section of Fully funded medical, dental, and vision insurance. Unlimited vacation (with mandatory MINIMUM vacation time). Flexible hours. We're doing things nobody has done before, so we don't need familiarity with any particular language, framework, domain, or anything like that. Don't care. What we do care about: you're smart, get things done, a joy to work with, and are comfortable dealing with open-ended/poorly-defined problems. Apply at (Don't worry too much about which role you choose. We're looking for engineers who are ready to learn, not those that know everything already!) We're also hiring for professional services roles. Feel free to ask about those too.