Hi Team, The company I am currenlty working on a h...
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Hi Team, The company I am currenlty working on a have dev/stage/prod environment. however a recent requirement came up to setup UAT environment We do have, rds (postgres), redis, mongodb, elastic.co as well . They are asking to deploy the UAT environment on the production eks cluster itself, but I am resistent to that. In my mind, the UAT environment setup has to on demand, thinking in future for the disaster recovery scenario How do you proceed with that? How do you actually setup UAT environment?
Yes having UAT as an ephemeral environment so that you can tear it down when not needed and provision it back when needed with latest code is an ideal setup. Do you have automation to provision new environments on demand & then tear them down when not needed? Having both Prod & UAT on the same EKS cluster seems risky.
For sure, do not mix Test with Prod. You might end up with test data in the live system, or worse, live data in the test system
You'd likely need to enable dynamic coniguration management. Check this. The trick is to separate env agnostic from specific elements using something like paws.sh for instance.
@Kaspar have you (or Humanitec) worked with paws.sh already? It looks like a good idea, but still very alpha
Yeah, we're using it internally for a while now. There is still some licence stuff for CNCF happening but I think it's open sourcing in September. You can write the contributors and they add you to the repo for now. @Daniel Serodio
Thanks, this information would be a good addition to the paws.sh website (or GitHub README)