Any PMs out there working on shared component team...
# product-management
Any PMs out there working on shared component team? We’re building out a team in our Platform org focused on building shared and re-usable components (e.g. auth layer for services). Curious if anyone has set up a team like this before. I’m trying to define scope / team charter before we start so we don’t turn into a kitchen sink team.
i have! 👋
Hey! I have set up our Core Services team, which does something similar. Namely, the services that power 30+ other product teams (we’re ~35 teams). Kitchen sink is the hardest challenge. However, that’s for almost all platform teams. I think you’d like Will Larson’s (from podcast on this topic => Namely, how to challenge the “sounds like a platform problem to me”.
Similar problem exist for platform teams providing tools and libraries internally. I talked partly on this topic at PlatformCON