Hey all anyone looking for a part time contractor?...
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Hey all anyone looking for a part time contractor? I currently work at a F100 as a DevOps Engineering contractor with 4 hours/day free in the mornings. Have about 10 years experience across the board with tools ranging from AWS to Python to Kubernetes to Ansible to Terraform. Love working with existing documentation and code bases and getting up to speed quickly. Based in Austin, Texas requesting $80/hr W2. Resume, LinkedIn, and public, recently active, GitHub available on upon request. Comfortable with verbal and written communication across cultural boundaries, and take the time to listen to and understand the problems at hand! If “ISO” posts not allowed here let me know and I can delete. Thanks!
@Brian A., DM me please.
I think I saw your post on Reddit too. Small world
Haha, must have been a few days ago yeah. I am quitting reddit as of a couple days ago. Site is just garbage from both a career and personal development standpoint. @Jodie Cunningham